IT Consultation

3DS Systems provides customers with professional service products and practices in various fields. In these areas, we have unique advantages and can provide solutions to customers' business problems. We work with our partners to provide innovative solutions that help our customers reduce IT risks and achieve the highest IT performance, so that they are satisfied.

Information Management

- Improve backup success rate and drastically reduce recovery time
- Reduce deduplication and storage costs with deduplication
- Archiving and managing structured and unstructured materials
- Improve backup and search with proactive archiving 


- Minimize known construction risks
- Increase protection against ongoing security threat activity
- Access to comprehensive global shared threat intelligence and security expertise
- Quickly identify which assets of a company are at risk and how to prioritize security response

Storage and availability

- Minimize known construction risks
- Optimize storage and server resources
- Maximize storage utilization across heterogeneous platforms
- Reduce data leakage and downtime
- Improve existing policies, operations and storage management, and business sustainability skills

Mobile security

- Assess existing or expected information security risks
- Solutions built on mobile devices use cases and available security controls
- Vulnerabilities in mobile device programs, policies, and operations
- Real-world OS and simulated application-layer attacks provide insight
- Conducting penetration testing includes multiple use cases, including misuse and unauthorized use